Craft Teas

CRAFTeaIn addition to the loose tea selections, we have created a number of craft tea drinks such as a Chai Latte, Bubble Tea, Fruit Sangria, Matcha Latte and seasonal tea drinks including Choco-Mint with a candy cane added for the holiday season and a Pumpkin Spice Latte for the Fall. Check the board behind the counter for a full list of craft tea drinks when you come in.

These craft brewed teas are made to your specifications while you wait. We have the specialty tools to perfectly infuse your tea leaves to extract the most flavor, froth your milk for a deliciously creamy cup of tea, and all the ingredients at our fingertips to add that special touch such as coating the rim of your cup with cinnamon and sugar crystals so that each sip is a treat.  You could try to make these craft tea recipes at home, but it would require a shopping trip for ingredients, followed by a production and a mess for you to clean up. It would be our pleasure to create these craft teas for you.

We have fun with our tea whether it’s in a cup or on your plate in a tea-infused pastry.  We want you to have fun with our tea too! Feel free to customize your tea drink with sugar, honey, almond milk or cream. We have many options to create the perfect cup of tea for your taste buds and dietary needs. If you have ideas for a tea blend you would like to see offered, let us know!

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