Sweet & Savory Pastries

At Short and Stout just outside of Albany, we offer both sweet and savory pastries. Here are some selections.


Savory Pastries:
  • Chicken curry puff infused with chai spice
  • Sausage roll with Lapsang Souchong smoked black tea served with Dijon mustard
  • Vegetarian spring roll served with sweet and sour black tea sauce
  • Spinach Phyllo with mango white tea dipping sauce


Sweet Pastries:
  • Tea infused shortbread: Matcha, Earl Grey, Chai, Buttercream Truffle Black Tea
  • Tea infused scones: Lemon Chamomile, Maple Black Tea
  • Oolong Infused Brookie (brownie topped cookie)
  • And an assortment of non-tea infused pastries


We also have gluten free and vegan pastries, so please ask us for the selection when you stop in.

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Tea infused pastries